Compare and contrast two of my paper. –


Compare and contrast two of my paper. –

I will tip you as much as I can if the quality of the paper.

please focus in the instruction and focus extremely on the underlined sentences. ( I will upload the two paper and the documents).

Please write the similar and the different between the two paper and include 4 quotes from the document not the paper. The paper 5-6 pages long.

You will compare and contrast the last two papers. Look at what you wrote for each paper and analyze the two documents against each other. How do these documents express different or similar views and understandings of freedom in America. How did the meanings of freedom change? Or are they the same/similar? What events and issues, in history, helped to shape the understanding of these freedoms? What was going on historically? Why does it matter? What is each document saying about freedom? Remember to answer the who, what, when ,where, how, and why questions. The paper needs to be at least 5-6 pages long. You must use at least 4 quotes from the documents (2 quotes from each). All the same rules apply as they did in the last two papers. You need to make sure that you cite and use citations every time you use a quote or take an idea that is not yours. I am ok with this after the quote or text: (authors last name, page number). Do not just copy and paste your last two papers. I expect you to put them in conversation with each other to show changes or similarities. You need an opening paragraph, a body, and a concluding paragraph to wrap it all together.


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