This assignment encourages you to begin to reflect on the concepts presented in Chapters 11 and 12. Specifically,


you will see an informative presentation presented via a mediated channed (i.e. video recording/youtube). This presentation also incorporates a visual aid–which can be a tricky element for video recorded or even synchronous video formats.




1. Watch this informative speech video (right click and open the link in a new tab/window):




2. Determine the specific purpose of this presentation, the thesis/central idea and the organization patttern used by Ms. LaKeitha.


3. Using the evaluation form linked to this assignment, evaluate Ms. LaKeitha’s presentation. Pay particular attention to the major sections of the presentation–the introduction (goals to grab the audience’s attention, relate the subject/topic directly to the audience, share the thesis/preview where the speech is going, and establish the speaker’s credibility), the body of the speech (organized, clear, easy to remember), and the conclusion (summarize the main points and be memorable). *No need to comment on the “materials (outline/references page) section, as I did not provide these for your).


4.  Post your evaluation to Blackboard by Monday, June 30, 2014.


  • So, we have discussed/practiced brainstorming and narrowing our topics for our informative presentations (by reading/studying Chapters 11 & 12). Now let’s combine these skills with research skills! Below you will identify your chosen presentation topic and demonstrate that your topic is well narrowed, can be well sourced, and that you are well informed, committed and passionate about the topic!


Post the following items to this assignment:


  • Identify your narrowed topic


  • Write a specific purpose statement


  • Write a working thesis statement


  • Provide 5 potential sources (scholarly, peer reviewed, pertinent) for your presentation

**Keep in mind you want to choose a topic that you care about/are connected to and one that you can make relevant to your audience (our class). If you are not sure how your classmates will respond to a particular topic or what they know about a topic, then ask us using the provided discussion forum. In the past I have had students share presentations that do not relate to our audience and this essentially wastes the time of the class and makes the time the student put into his/her presentation seem irrelevant. For example, one student gave a persuasive presentation on why the audience need to buy a cell phone; at the end of the presentation, I asked the class, “who has a cell phone?” Everyone in the class raised their hand; the presentation did not target the audience. If the student had engaged in a bit of audience analysis then she would have known that she needed to persuade the audience to take some other action (like purchase a certain type of cell phone, or cell provider, or certain app, etc.). So, beware that your presentation does.





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