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Based on how you will evaluate your EBP project, which independent and dependent variables do you need to collect? Why?

My EBP has to do with falls and trying to cut back and prevent as many falls as possible. My dependent variable is going to be falls because this is what I’m testing and trying to lower the statistics of falls in the hospital. Every fall that happens at this hospital is track and a report is filled to see why the fall happened and who the fall happened too. “The independent and dependent variables may be viewed in terms of cause and effect. If the independent variable is changed, then an effect is seen in the dependent variable.” (Helmenstine, 2017) My independent variable would have to be the fall risk assessment that I plan on changing to try to cut back on the falls. The assessment that is being used now isn’t very detailed and is too board. I plan on making the assessment more individualized for each patient depending on their age and the reason they are there. Hopefully this will cut back on the falls in the hospital and keep the patients safe.


Helmenstine, T. (August 14, 2017). What Is the Difference Between Independent and Dependent Variables?

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