Civil Rights issues


Directions: In an effort to gain a clear understanding of the topic, more research and reading must take place. DO NOT simply find and copy/paste definitions for these terms. This requires one to analysis each term or person – who, what, when, where, and/or why as it relates to the Topic, Objective, Driving/Essential Question and The Student Will Learn Statement. The outcome paper should tell the story of The Civil Rights Issues.

MLA format …

Do not forget to document your sources!

The Assignment is to be typed in canvas pictures of paper Will Not be accepted.

Objective 11.03: Identify major social movements including, but not limited to, those involving women, young people, and the environment, and evaluate the impact of these movements in the United States society.

Driving Question: How do you think people might respond when their hopes for change are not realized?

TSW learn how African Americans responded to the slow pace of change in American society.


Kerner Commission

Chicago Movement

Richard J. Daley

black power

Stokely Carmichael

Malcolm X

Black Panthers

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