Chinese History (QIng Dynasty)


Chinese History (QIng Dynasty).


Work cited page

1. Use only original words, 3 pages min, and with a work cited page

2. Use reliable sources if you have to, don’t use too many sources, though.


3. PLEASE BE SURE to include the sources that I provided in your response, It’s mandatory. 


The Failure of the Revolution: To what do you attribute the weakness of the early Chinese Republic? And what could the early leaders of the Republic (men like Sun Yatsen) done to create a stronger China?Be sure to talk about “Rickshaw Boy” in the paper. 3 pgs

reading list

Rickshaw boy

– Rickshaw Boy,

*Lu Xun, “Diary of a Madman” in Diary of a Madman and Other Stories[Madman’s Diary] (29-42)

* Chen Tu-hsiu (Chen Duxiu), “A Call to Youth” , Li Ta-chao, “The Victory of Bolshevism,” in Teng and Fairbank, China’s Response to the West,[Teng and Fairbank Selections] (240-246) (246-249)

Teng and Fairbank selections.pdf 


Madman’s Diary.pdf 

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