Chapter 2 HRM Critical Thinking & Worker Rights Consortium Analysis Paper

Two critical thinking, 1-C and 2-B, each one should be in 1-2 paragraph, submit through Turnitin, so everything should be cited.

Writing Quality:

Any paper (or written work) submitted that is deemed to be of poor quality (significant grammatical, spelling or other errors) by the faculty member will be awarded a “0” without any rewrite opportunity. Please make note of this and ensure your provide yourself enough time to write rough drafts and if necessary seek support from the Writing Center, the faculty member, or others.

Paper Format Requirements:

Note that any paper with substandard writing quality will receive a 0.

  • Times New Roman Font
  • 12 Point Size
  • Title page with name, case study name, and class name/time/day
  • Double-space with 1” Margins
  • APA Format