careers in criminal justice Disssion Board

You are about to meet with Castillo. Although the local police have read him his Miranda rights, you must begin by ensuring that he is willing to talk to you and that he is willing to do so without his attorney present. Once he is arraigned, an attorney will be appointed, and it is likely no interview could take place for several weeks.

Please post your answers or opinions for the following questions. Make sure that when offering an opinion, you qualify it with academic or real-life examples to validate your opinion. Please provide at least 1 feedback post to one of your classmates.

  • In your opinion, if you knew that Castillo had information to a bigger source of crime, how would you try to obtain information from him before his attorney arrived?
  • Do you think that the best way to obtain information from Castillo is through interrogation or interview? Why?
  • 200-400 words