Capstone Assignment, 7 pages

Capstone Assignment :

Analyze a major American multinational firm’s overseas operations. What are the operations the company manages, and what are the challenges the company has to deal with for these operations? What strategies does the company use in managing and developing these operations? Has the company prospered from this strategy? What needs to be improved?

The criterion for the first is the quality of the writing (G1O1). The criterion for the second, third and fourth scores is the quality of each of the analyses at the aforementioned levels (M3O1). The criterion for the fifth is the ability to report accurately on how globalization conditions impact on functional actions such as marketing, finance, accounting and human resource management (G3O2, HRMT-LO3). A sixth score will be based on the students’ ability to evaluate the impact of globalization on a firm’s success and challenges (MGMT-LO1; G3O2). In this course students are expected to use footnotes and a bibliography for all assigned reports. Students are encouraged to use Tuft’s Citation Style Guide.

Minimum: 7 pages

Please use simple words and grammar.