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Research Paper

The Fight To Be Heard

When looking at Poma’s New Chronicle, Anzeldua’s “How to Tame a Wild Tongue” and Manuel’s“A grate adventichin” literate arts of the contact zone are shown for example;  parody, imaginary dialogue, transculturation and autoethnography. All of them are great works that do a fantastic job of comparing each other and find a way that reach testimonio. When you look at Andelzua and Poma’s texts both show how you reach testimonio. You will notice that they all also show a great connection to the idea of Transgender equality the idea of the subordinate group trying to grab the attention of the dominant group. When there is a group in society that believes that they are being treated unfairly or that they are being excluded and shunned from the world. Wouldn’t that group think of ways to integrate their society into the world. The transgender community believes that it needs to be more included and recognized in the world that we live in today. While you may think that there is going to be a great connection between  While also bringing in the idea that andelzua and poma’s texts reach testimonio. Now after looking at these many different things they may need to hope to find out different ways in which they will be able to convince people that there is a way too find out how to change the worlds opinion on how they look at the transgender community just like how. Poma, Manuel and andelzua looked at ways in which they would be able to change the way people look at them.



Background Information  

. With many different revolutions  that started there is a massive difference and caliber of them. Some of them range from world wars to smaller ones off technological advancements like the flip phone. But there are many in the world that either go unnoticed or they are made fun off. One of those revolutions that has often been overlooked and pushed aside has been the fight for transgender equality. In society today many different people think about all of the massive revolutions and problems that are in the world now. Such as the paris shooting, black lives matter, marriage equality. All of these are major issues that our world has today. Often overlook transgender equality. In our society today it is often looked at weirdly if you are not straight. How can someone live their life in a society where they can not walk around and constantly feel judged and feel strange and often nervous about the way people are thinking about the way that they act or look or even sometimes what they say. How could anyone feel comfortable when they are at work and they are in an interview and they are walking around the building and they are hearing derogatory terms like “ homo”, “ fag” any of those horrible terms that people use against the transgender community. How can you determine what qualifies a job whether they are gay straight bi or even a sexual everyone is equal and everyone is the same. Often causes of these major issues is the fact that people do not want to just stop and cut out all of these terms and sayings in order to stop all of these problems from happening.. “ In a time where same- sex marriage has been legalized and Caitlyn Jenner has come out as transgender, many people have their attention towards equality within the LGBTQ community” (Jacobson 1). This one quote can be viewed as the biggest controversy that many of the people in the LGBTQ community are all being looked at in many different ways and often the wrong one but also with people believing that a man or a women can be with there saw sex it is looked down. But how come when a man can change to a women they look at it as if that man is a hero and then all of a sudden go back to their ways of having a negative attitude towards the same people that was just looked as a hero and a brave individual. The transgender community needs to break through into society and make people see and realize that there is not much of a difference between anyone in the world today. Now that the transgender community realizes they need to start to make themselves heard. They started to riot and have parades to make the world know that they were here and that they were ready to be heard. Even though the fight for equality is not all about just fighting for equality in general one of the biggest fight for transgender equality is in the workplace. In the fight for transgender equality, marriage challenges have affected relatively few compared with issues like employment and housing discrimination and the epidemic of violence against trans people, especially minorities.” ( Sullivan 1). While it is not only the whites that are getting discriminated against it is also the minorities and the fight for marriage equality that is happening within our society today. We need to be able to handle the situations that may include changing the way that we think about many different people even the minority as well.

When you think about the many different problems in the world such as the many viewpoints that people have on weather or not they believe if they can make someone better. If you truly think about the hardships that these people face like the unequal marriage laws, the mistreatment in the workplace or actually for that matter. When people think that it is such a joke that they treat certain people a certain way. It is a terrible feeling especially. When people are talking about someone else’s life. Luckily over the past couple of years there have been many fights for people who are transgender they have started rallies in New York City, California and any of the other major cities as well. They have made massive progress. They have gotten marriage laws changed along with the fact that they have also gotten there to be more equal treatment in the workplace. There have been many breakthroughs. In the fight for transgender equality. Just like “ These are fantastic victories for the transgender community in California, but these bills are just a few of many victories needed to ensure equality, fairness and dignity for all transgender Americans” ( Eskamani 1). All of these moral and even physical victories that transgenders have won have really started to shape the world into a completely different mindset making people believe that no one is different that everyone was created equally and that they need to begin to start to accept people for who they are and not for what sexual orientation they have.. It has truly allowed many people to see them in a different way and it has allowed them to truly change the viewpoint that many of them have on the transgender community. It also allows people to look at themselves and say how am i treating another human being this way. Is this the way that I would want to be treated. If not then why am I doing it to another human being who has done absolutely nothing wrong. The transgender community just like Manuel, Andelzua, and Poma all had to fight through massive hardships to get where they are today. These people had to go to the lengths that some of these amazing writers had to go to in order to be seen and to be heard. They have been heard and are finally here to stay.

Parody and Transgender Equality

Parody is used in Manuel’s “ A grate adventichin” and Andelzua “ How to tame a wild tongue”. They both do a fantastic job of parodying their targeted audience.  Manuel answers his teacher’s question about how if he could create something what would it be. He goes on to talk about how he to would be able to just go back and have more fun. While he believes that it would also be a benefit because it would allow his teachers to get to have a vacation and not have to teach anymore.  Saying that “ My inventichin would be a shot that would put every everything thing you learn at school in you brain”(Pratt 327). Manuel is saying that he wishes that he did not have to go to school anymore and that he wishes that he could just take one shot and not have to do any more work or learn ever again. While Manuel is answering his teacher’s question. Andelzua is watching as her culture is fighting with each other if they are real or not. Showing the idea that they are going to say they don’t know who the real Chicano’s are anymore. “ We oppress each other trying to out Chicano each other, vying to be the “real” Chicanas, to speak like Chicanos”. ( Andezula pg 30). She is explaining how the Chicano’s are all not sure anymore who is the real Chicano’s anymore. Because either they are the Spaniards that have learned how to speak english and not just spanish anymore. Or that they were the Chicano’s that would be coming to Mexico. After living in the United States. They all thought that if you were not born and bread or that if you left and learned a new language that you were not considered the real Chicano’s anymore. This was a problem from them but when you think about it there’s a big problem. If no one knows who the real Chicano’s are anymore. Now after looking if they are really chicano’s or not anymore. There are many things that can show how these different authors and the contemporary text had so much in common and how they both made a connection to the literate arts. People do not believe nowadays that no one has a real attitude towards homsexuality. That no one really cares for it. “ This lack of homogeneity underlines the significance of locale in producing attitudes towards homosexuality” (Biddulph 16). How someone could possibly talk about this kind of idea is sad and wrong. When people think about the idea of transgender equality they think it is a big deal and play it off like they do not care. As if they believe that it does not matter and that it is just a big joke. When there are such people that believe that these issues are a joke they should be shown all of the issues that

Imaginary Dialogue

Now after looking at if their was a real Chicano anymore or a child looking to take jobs away from his teachers by inventing a shot. While also looking at how the world today looks at transgender equality as a joke. Lets look at some interesting conversations that some of these characters have been having. With the imaginary dialogue between Poma and King Philip. He is having a discussion with King Philip. The king is asking Poma what he should do and how he should run his country. “ The Indies he argues, should be administered through a collaboration of Inca and Spanish elites” ( Pratt 322). Telling the king in their dialogue that he believes that there should be a way in which there should be a way in which. The Indies should be allowed to collaborate with the Incas and Spanish and their cultures. So that there are no more problems that are caused between them. Poma uses the conversation between him and the king to show his people how bad the Spaniards are. Now while he is doing that Andelzua in “ How to tame a wild tongue” is talking to a dentist while she is at his office.” And i think how do you tame a wild tongue, how do you train it to be quiet, how do you bridle and saddle it? how do you make it lie down?” ( Anzeldua pg 33). She is having an imaginary conversation with the dentist in her head saying “ how do you tame a wild tongue, train it to be quiet, how do you bridle and saddle it? How do you make it lie down? She is talking to the doctor and asking how do you stop a culture from being itself and how do you ruin a culture and their language. This shows that these literate arts are making contact with the contact zone. By showing the different ways in which the


Transculturation/Transgender Equality

After going and looking at the imaginary conversations that Poma and Anzaldua had with each of their people. Now we look at transculturation which is the the merging and converging of cultures. So when you look at Andelzua’s “How to tame a wild tongue”. There are many different instances where the Chicano spanish are discussing how some of them are real chicano’s or not anymore and how the american culture is becoming infused with their chicano culture. “ The concept might help explain why some of the earliest published writing by Chicanas took the form of folkloric manners and custom sketches written in English” ( Pratt pg 320). Talking about how there are many different variations to the chicano culture and how when you looked at some of the writing from back then in the chicano language you will notice that they were written in English. Proving that back then there were attempts at converging the English and Chicano culture. Now while Poma is talking about the Chicano spanish. Andezula is doing the exact same thing. “ We use anglicisms, words borrowed from English” (Andelzua 29). Talking about how they take words from English and put them towards the Chicano culture such as words like bola, from ball and carpeta from carpet. They are both making contact with the contact zone. By showing ways in which both ideas are creating a conversion of the chicano culture merging with the english culture. While the chicano spaniards are trying to figure out if they are going to possibly. Now while looking at how the chicano’s are going to figure out if there is such a way in which the english language has now shaped their culture and integrated itself. There is another group that has started to make its way into the everyday lives of America today. Is the transgender society. Throughout a lot of history there have been many different viewpoints on the way society looks at the transgender community so much so that they have even started to alienate them from our everyday lives. But recently there has been a surge and they have started to make there presence known. “ The transgender community is where the gay community was in 1970’s– only now it’s about gender identification instead of sexual orientation” ( Smith 1). By them now not looking at the transgender community like they looked at the gay community back then in the 1970’s they are beginning to believe that these are real people and that they are not just different in a weird way our societies are starting accept their ways of living. With these new fought ideas and the acceptance of this community there have been many strides in the transculturalization of our two groups and they have come together to start to accept and believe in the same ideas and beliefs.


Vernacular Expression

Now that the chicano culture and english culture have merged. There is now a chance for vernacular expression to make its mark in these texts. Poma discuss his meeting with the spaniards “ In all Castille, there was a great commotion. All day and at night in their dreams the Spaniards were saying” (Pratt pg 321). Poma is making fun of the spaniards and telling his people in the form of pictures what he thought the spaniards were saying when he talked to them in their meeting together. Now while Poma is telling his people about the meeting that he had with the spaniards. Andelzua goes and starts to talk about how there are many different people in her culture that are “ Pocho, cultural traitor, you’re speaking the oppressor’s language by speaking English, you’re ruining the Spanish language”. ( Andezula pg 27). Saying how they are not real spaniards anymore and how they are going to be ruining the spanish language by talking in english. With the idea of vernacular expression. While poma and andelzua both talk about the idea of vernacular expression Manuel has some ideas of his own that may show different variations of vernacular expression. Now when you think that there is no idea of how anyone could possibly take any word that they may use including the ideas of how they want to be able to find ways in which there are many people who even hear the many different ideas with it explain how even when they are in interviews they need to be able to see that “As soon as the word transgender comes into the conversation, the interview is over,” Harrison said. “It’s the ‘Oh, we’ll be in touch.’ But no one ever calls.” ( Jacobson 1). There are many different people that do not realize what can possibly happen to them if they show the way that


Poma’s “ New Chronicle” and Andezula’s “ How to Tame a Wild Tongue” and Manuel’s “ a grate adventichin”  all have great examples of Imaginary dialogue, parody, vernacular expression and transculturation.  Which are both literate arts of the contact zone. All of them do a great job of comparing and contrasting all of these literary arts. Even from different time periods many people of the same culture have the same issues and they need to find ways in which to deal with them. With all of these texts showing these groups making a difference you can see how it is possible for a group like the transgender community to be speak up and finally be heard and finally be taken seriously in society and not looked at in a way that would make them any different. With all of the fights that people have had with transgender equality there are many people that still believe and hope that this will eventually end. “The only way I will rest in peace is if one day transgender people aren’t treated the way I was, they’re treated like humans.” ( Alcorn 1). When many people even people who are committing suicide are thinking that they are not getting treated the same way that the transgender community is being treated and that she will not be able to rest in peace until they are being treated that way. Then that should send a message as to how bad this has become with the transgender community. Someone needs to change their mindset because once one person begins to change then everyone begins to change and they need that to be the case. Once the whole world comes around then hopefully finally they will be able to realize that this is not just a joke anymore but something that should be taken very seriously.

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