bussiness case elevator pitch- myassignmentgeek.net

bussiness case elevator pitch- myassignmentgeek.net


Using exactly one hundred (100) words you will provide an elevator pitch/business case for one of the Projects you selected to review for Week 1. This pitch/case should cover the important elements of the project: who, what, where, when, and why?

This assignment should be single-spaced so do not change any of the formatting for this document.

News source (APA reference):

Web address:


Elevator Pitch (100 words):


  1. Must utilize the required textbook when completing post. Material has been updated to coincide with the new PMBOK edition.
  2. Must list all references and cite your source(s) within the body of the initial post.
  3. Every sentence with material from an outside source must be cited. Just putting a citation at the end of a paragraph or the entire post is not accurate.
  4. Citations must contain the page number on which you located the information. For our textbook material from page 15 would appear as (Kloppenborg et al. 2019, p 15)