business questions


response these independent questions
1.What would you have done as Boeing’s CEO in response to the two plane crashes that took hundreds of lives? Do you think Boeing did the right thing?

2.Why is it important to have a diverse Board of Directors in regard to race, gender, and professional experience.

3.After watching Ariely’s TedTalk about the ethics behind decision making, did you find yourself reflecting on similar situations you have been in?

4.What are the pros and cons of System 1 and System 2 thinking?

5.Do you think people should be allowed to stock pile necessities before a national emergency, such as hand sanitizer, and raise the price to make a profit? Is it any different than dynamic pricing?

6.Which ethical principle do you try to follow or makes the most sense to you – the Disclosure Rule, Common Sense, Golden Rule, deontology, etc.?

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