Business Question – Business Finance 2023

Business Question – Business Finance

Needs help with below  , no plagirism , no work cited from wikipedia , 5 papragraphs or more due 10/20/15


Post-it notes were invented when a 3M chemist was striving to develop a stronger, tougher adhesive but invented a product that retained its stickiness while peeling apart easily. This discovery, combined with a colleague who, six years later, while looking for a bookmark that would not fall out, created an innovative product used ubiquitously today (Glass, 2013). Innovation can occur in the most unlikely scenarios and can be found in the way a company is structured, the product or services provided, or the style of communication. Evaluate a company that has utilized an innovative approach to improve their positioning, profitability, or sustainability. Was there a time when being innovative helped you either professionally or personally? Provide research via the Internet (from a credible source) and cite your posting in proper APA format and ensure that your posting provides a minimum of five paragraphs.


Glass, N. (2013, April 4). The hallelujah moment behind the invention of the Post-it note. Retrieved from


Needs help with below no plagirism no work cited from wikipedia 5