Business Management Paper


I have Chosen Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency for Assignment this must be used for the assignment. Their website is


I have already prepared a methodology along with approach to issues such as: Funding, IT issues, and public awareness of programs offered. Please use approach, methodology and pricing for necessary sections. Please take my current companies name out of paper (RNR Consulting).


Please refer to guidelines below for main setup of assignment. Please no plagiarism or cut and paste Turn IT In is used by my school.


The paper should be clear, concise, and focused as is the case with all business proposals. The paper should be 6 – 10 pages including references, and follow APA guidelines for formatting and documentation.


Required Number of Sources: At least three academic journal articles, with a minimum of 10 and no more than 15 total credible sources.(Other credible sources online or print can be newspaper opinion pieces, professional magazine articles, social and political magazines like the The New Yorker and Atlantic, University websites, YouTube videos, professional blogs, CNN and other online new magazines.)


Using the knowledge and insights that you have gained in the course, prepare a proposal for your workplace or other organization you are involved with, such as college, church, or a club, that details a current organizational problem or issue and the solution you propose to eliminate or minimize the problem. Be specific in what you present.  Use the outline below to guide the writing of your Portfolio Project.




•Provide an overview of the problem that you are attempting to solve.


•List several solutions suggested by research.


•Propose the best solution (and state why it is the best—your thesis) to the problem with academic research that supports your proposed solution.


•Supply a time and cost analysis for implementing your proposed solution.


•List the benefits to the organization and how benefits will be measured (metrics) in the areas of time, efficiencies, quality, and/or cost savings.


•Articulate theoretical and practical considerations for implementing your solutions/plans.