Biomedical Ethics Research Paper


The paper must argue for a clear answer to a normative bio-medical ethical question of your choice, such as:

-whether harvesting vital organs from a body pronounced dead on certain criteria (e.g., certain criteria for “brain death”) constitutes an illegitimate killing,

-whether a proposed medical experiment does (or does not) amount to the mere use of a person when other avenues of treatment are not viable and informed consent has been secured

-whether the withdrawing of ordinary care from a patient in a coma constitutes the immoral intentional killing

-whether considerations of the principle of non-maleficence outweigh considerations of autonomy when considering the morality of elective abortions and so on.

The paper must present and evaluate arguments, drawing on relevant scholarly research into ethical and scientific theory as well as empirical studies.

The paper must be written at the college-level, including proper spelling and sentence-structure, and must have an accepted formatting (e.g., MLA, APA, etc.), including proper citation.

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