Biological Influences on Behavior and Measuring Behavior, psychology homework help


For the first part of this Discussion, you will focus on target behaviors. A target behavior is a behavior you want to change in your client. Before you begin, you must first understand what a target behavior is and how to define it in order to increase or decrease it. Referring to the reading in Chapter 3 of your Applied Behavior Analysis text, think about a behavior in yourself or someone else that you wish to change.

1. Write a clear topographical definition of the target behavior. Do not forget to use the three guidelines mentioned in your book.

When responding to your classmates, use the target behavior definition “test” criteria to provide constructive feedback.

Sometimes, a biological or genetic factor can be present in your client that can affect how you should address a target behavior. Next, using the target behavior you identified in the first part of the Discussion:

2. Discuss how a specific biological or genetic factor may have had an influence on the development of that behavior or how it may be a barrier to reducing that behavior.

In your textbook, you read about measuring target behaviors. Respond to the following:

3. Why is objective measurement of behavior critical in the science and practice of behavior analysis?

4. Refer to Table 4.1 in Chapter 3 and pick one type of measurement. Briefly define the measurement you selected.

5. Identify and describe a unique example of when you would select the measurement defined.

300-350 word minimum

APA Format / In text citations


Cooper, J. Heron, T. Heward, W. (2007). Applied Behavior Analysis (2nd Ed). Merrill Prentice Hall Publishing. Pearson Education. Retrieved from: file:///C:/Users/McKenzie/Downloads/PS360_Cooper_2nd_Ed_Ch04.pdf

Miltenberger, R. (2012). Behavior Modification: Principles and Procedures (5th Ed). Wadsworth Cengage Learning. Retrieved from:

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