Bean comb – Business & Finance 2023

Bean comb – Business & Finance

L.L.Bean (combany)

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Risk Analysis


  • SWOT Analysis

o   Identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

·         Risk

This section includes detailed information on potential risks with your company.  In addition, this section includes how you plan to limit the various risks.  Types of risks may include:

o   Market risks (e.g., ease of getting into business, consumer behavior)

o   Operational risks (e.g., risks which may arise from the people, systems, or processes within an organization.  Operational risks are internal to the organization.)


    • Staffing risks (e.g., availability of skilled workers, availability of training new employees)
    • Financial risks (e.g., funding, foreign investment risks)
    • Managerial risk (e.g., top management leaving company)

L L Bean combany please write 1 or 1 1 2 page following the instructions below and please use more