Battle Analysis- Battle of Antietam –


Battle Analysis- Battle of Antietam –

3-4 page MLA Format Battle Analysis on the Battle of Antietam. Attached is the format to follow and also the slide presentation I have already done. You must go off the slideshow but be more in depth and also ONLY use the references on the slide show.

  • Format: The checklist is divided into four steps, each of which builds on the previous one(s) to provide a logical order for the study.
  • The four steps are:
  • In the first step, you decide what battle you are going to study. In the next two, you gather the information necessary for a thorough and balanced study, and organize it in a logical manner to facilitate analysis. In the last step, you analyze the information to derive “lessons learned.”
  • Define the Subject/Evaluate the sources.
  • Review the Setting (Set the Stage).
  • Describe the Action.
  • Assess the Significance of the Action.

3. Purpose: The battle analysis methodology is a guide to help ensure that important aspects of the study of a historical battle or campaign are not forgotten. It is not a rigid checklist that must be followed to the letter. You do not have to use every part of it in your study, but all of the elements of battle analysis should be considered. Do not let the flow of your study be disrupted by the format’s order.


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