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I need 2-3 paragraphs on the below topic AND reply comments on the two peer posts below.

According to Chapter 13 of Engaging Questions, the “strategies of development, sometimes called modes, are moves that writers make when constructing a piece of writing” (Channell & Crusius, 2013, p. 310). These strategies include exemplifying, narrating, describing, evaluating, defining, classifying, comparing-contrasting, and showing cause and effect. In ENG101 or in another Composition I course, you may have written essays using those strategies. In this class you will continue to do so.

As a developing writer, it is important to continue employing and developing these modes to maximize the effect of your message. Think of a recent piece of writing, regardless of length, you produced at work or home, in which you used one or more of these calculated moves to achieve a desired effect.

  • What strategy or combination of strategies do you remember using?
  • How or why did you choose them?
  • What effect did they produce on your audience?

For example, have you written a thank-you card, a letter, blog, or email and altered it several times before sending it? Have you edited a social media post multiple times before publishing? Have you carefully crafted and edited a text message? What were you changing, adding, or removing, and why? Which strategies of development were reflected in your text, regardless of its length?

Remember to compose a substantive initial post and two response posts.

Peer Post !:

In my writing I normally go forward to narrating and describing more then the other strategies.  I spent a little time thinking about this discussions before starting it, but I do tend to just start writing and just let the words flow in a narrating style.  I tend to just write everything down then proof read the paper later.  The reason I feel that narrative is my strategy more then the rest is because it is natural for me to just take over the narrative in the room, many people tell me that I am center of every conversation.  This is how I write as well.  I just take the assignment, figure out my thesis, and then the paper takes off.  

Peer Post 2:

I am the type of writer who has to have a solid layout.  If not, my mind will take me in about 100 different directions and my writing will be a big mess.  The latest piece of writing I wrote was a memo that addressed the issues of a particular network security tool and the collection of research data in the center I manage.  I chose describe, define and evaluate as the strategies I would take.  I described the software and the research data collected in my center, I then defined integrity of research data and what it means to my particular center, and then evaluated the software in relation to how it would affect us.  The short description here is that the software would cause a fatal flaw in the research collection process and would then make any data gathered useless to the researcher.  I must have written that memo 1000 times before sending it out.  I am still adjusting to my management role here and I did not want to come off as pushy or a know it all.  I was very careful with my wording and it paid off because the memo was very well received by the IT staff in my area.  

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