Assignment Instructions Research Paper on Charles Darwin


This research paper will be the conclusion of the research and writing that you began with your proposal for the Week 4 assignment.  1500-2000

Topic: one way to decide on a topic is to focus on one of the topics from the weekly discussions in the class and write your paper along those lines, including the philosophers discussed and other philosophers or scientists that you might find relevant to the issue as you do your research and writing.  Another way to select a topic is to focus on one particular philosopher, either from one of our discussions or from  the lists in the timeline assignments.  This kind of paper could be part biographical and part topical regarding the main contribution they have made to science or to the philosophy of science. The main thing to do is to describe the topic and/or philosopher and his/her work and then to  comment upon it yourself, including any positive or negative critiques you may have.

Consider the following:

You may use MLA or APA formatting.

Your paper should have at least 5 academic resources.

Use the APUS Online Library, and the Philosophy Research Guide (link below; you may need to have opened a window to the APUS Library already.

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