ASSIGNMENT – IDIENTITY THEFT Part 1 – Research and Write a Business Report that addresses the…



Part 1 –

Research and Write a Business Report that addresses the ethical, security and privacy aspects of the assigned topic “Idientity Theft”

Methodology: Write a Business report with the following report headings and content:

'Executive Summary'

A brief summary of the purpose of the report – “This reports investigates the professional, ethical, … of ”

A brief description of major impacts of idientity theft

A brief summary of the recommendations

On a page of its own

No more than ½ a page

The purpose of an Executive Summary is to allow a busy, senior executive to be given the important elements of the report without having to read the whole report


Describe your important subject

When/where did it start

How has it grown, how big is it today?

What technology is involved

How is it being/likely to be used

About ½ to 1 page

Every story has a beginning (“Once upon a time is a galaxy far, far away …”).

'Ethical Issues' o Describe any ethical concerns generated by your subject

Describe any actions that have been taken to address these concerns

Describe any future ethical concerns that your subject may generate

About 1 full page

'Security Issues' (as for above)

'Privacy Issues' (as for above)


Summarize the contents of the issues

Pick one or two issues that you fell are the most important (“The most important issue(s) concerning the world today is/are …”

About ½ page


What do you recommend be done, or is being done right now, to address the important issue(s) concerning ?

About ½ page

Further Reading List

This is not a reference list

Include at least 5 sources that a reader may access to learn more about the assigned subject


A4 Sized pages

Printed on one side

2.54 (1') Margins all around

Times New Roman or Calibri font

Major Headings 14pt Bold, Minor Headings 12pt Bold, body text 12pt

Spell checked, correct English usage

A blank line between paragraphs

File in PDF format

A table of contents

Page numbers on every page

Student Name and ID on every page

Part 2 –

Prepare an A3 sized poster that integrates and illustrates the important issues described in the report in Part 1.


A3 Paper/cardboard laminated

PDF format scanned file of the poster to be submitted.

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