Assignment – Analysis of Mobile Phone Usage Overview The purpose of this assignment is to…


Assignment – Analysis of Mobile Phone Usage


The purpose of this assignment is to investigate a dataset which will enable you to answer questions posed in a Memorandum (see Memorandum section below). In order to answer the memorandum questions, you'll need to analyse a given dataset, interpret the results, and then draw appropriate conclusions.

The aims of the assignment are to:

provide you with some examples of the application of data analysis within an organisation test your understanding of the material in the relevant topics test your ability to analyse and interpret your results test your ability to effectively communicate the results of your analysis to others

Before attempting the assignment, make sure you have prepared yourself well. At a minimum, please read the relevant sections of the prescribed textbook and review the materials provided in Modules 1 and 2.


You are Grace Park, an analyst for BI Intelligence. BI Intelligence is the Business Insider's paid research service. Business Insider is the world's fastest-growing business news website and its articles include the latest technology, money and market news. BI Intelligence produces a number of reports on key digital areas, including the mobile industry. Information from those reports is then subsequently published on the Business Insider's website by their respective writers.

Michelle Yeoh, a tech journalist at Business Insider, wants to publish an article on the current smart mobile phone usage in Australia. This is in light of Australia being ranked 2nd in the world behind Singapore for smart phone usage. Businesses, including telcos, find this information useful and subsequently use it to improve their own operations, marketing strategies, etc., for the digital age. Michelle's article will be wide ranging and include commentary on the user's expenditure, usage patterns and demographics. Michelle has asked you to conduct the market research.

You subsequently take a random sample of 150 smart phone users in Australia and survey them on their usage, as well as other related data.

Michelle's specific analysis requirements are outlined in his email, which is reproduced on the next page.

Memorandum Requirements

Your Memorandum should be no longer than 2000 words and there is no need to include a Table of Contents, Charts and Tables, or Appendices in the Memorandum. The Charts/Graphics and Tables you create are only to be placed in the Data Analysis file i.e. the Excel spreadsheet

Suggested Word formatting for the Memorandum: Single-line spacing; no smaller that 10- point font; page margins approx. 25mm, and good use of white space

Your Memorandum must have a cover sheet containing your particulars and Unit details Set out the Memorandum in the same order as in the originating Memorandum from Michelle, with each section (question) clearly marked

Use plain language and keep your explanations succinct. Avoid the use of technical or statistical jargon. As a guide to the meaning of “Plain Language”, imagine you are explaining your findings to a person without any statistical training (e.g. someone who has not studied this unit). What type of language would you use in this case?

Data Analysis Instructions/Guidelines

In order to prepare a reply to Michelle's Memorandum, you will need to examine and analyse the dataset MobileData.xlsx thoroughly.

Michelle has asked a number of questions and your Data Analysis output (i.e. your charts/tables/graphs) should be structured such that you answer each question on the separate tab/worksheet provided in your Excel document. There are also three extra tabs in MobileData.xlsx called CI, HT and SS and you can use the various templates contained in these tabs in your “Confidence Interval”, “Hypothesis” and “Sample Size” answers.

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