Assessing Reliability Of Complementary Health Approaches Resources Information Presentation


After reviewing the attached Websites (see websites below in bold):

Be sure you use a therapy and not a Healing System–see chart from week one. Choosing a Healing System will be an automatic -5 point deduction.

Create a 12-20 (not including the title and reference slides) slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation on  assessing reliability of information on an mind/body therapy Internet source. Include detailed speaker notes and reference citations.

Describe how a consumer’s attitudes and beliefs about CAM could hinder objective assessments of reliability and credibility in CAM.

Create five (5) objective criteria to judge the reliability of information from a CAM website source. (Review links provided in student materials.)

Select a Complementary Health care therapy or modality, and research the Internet for websites on this therapy. Do not use a website from class  (-3 points deduction)

Be sure you use a therapy and not a Healing System–see chart from week one. Chosing a Healing System will be an automatic -5 point deduction.

The therapy is not the focus of this assignment; it is to provide students with a reference point for the internet search. Then on 2-3 slides, perform the following:

Describe the therapy.

Examine the type of training or education that is required.

Discuss whether a license or certification is required to practice this therapy.

Identify the overseeing or regulating organization for this therapy.

Using your criteria, review one of the websites on your therapy and determine how reliable the site is for CAM information. Do not use a website from class. Part of this assignment is searching for the website.

As the focus of this assignment is on the reliability of information on a website; the criteria and evaluation of the website will be the largest part of this assignment.

Explain how you reached your conclusion about the website. Consider using a grading scale or grid for this exercise.

Describe steps the website could take to increase its credibility.

Present the Assessing Reliability and Credibility of CAM ResourcesPresentation.

For Online and Directed Study students, these are Microsoft® PowerPoint®presentations with speaker notes.

(List of Therapies) 

Transcendental Meditation

·     Mindfulness Meditation

·     Rolfing

·     Therapeutic Touch

·     Bach Flower Remedies

·     Hypnosis

·     Clinical Aromatherapy

·     Biofeedback

·     Healing Touch

·     Acupuncture

·     Qigong

·     Music Therapy

·     Guided Imagery

·     Herbology

·     Massage Therapy

·     Reiki

·     Reflexology

·     Magnetic Therapy

·     Biofeedback

·     Yoga

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