Article Critique –


Article Critique –

Write a summary and critical evaluation of the article. Include the following information in your paper (review the grading rubric):

A) Introduction – introduce the topic and current study, tell the reader what to expect from the paper

B) Background – include rough background of the literature supporting the current study, describe the significance of the problem, discuss the researcher’s question(s) and hypothesis

C) Methods – include an accurate and thorough explanation of the research design, include information on the sample and sampling methods, identify and discuss the variables and how they were measured, include a summary of the procedures and data collection

D) Results and Discussion – include a discussion and interpretation of the results, connect the results to the research question(s) or hypothesis, include a discussion of the general implications of the findings to general society. Results should be presented clearly and concisely.

E) Critique – discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the study, connect each limitation to the design of the study and include a discussion of why it is a limitation and how it might affect our confidence in the findings, discuss the generalizability of the study. Critique should be presented in a clear and logical manner

F) Creative Thinking – include your own suggestions on how the study could be improved to address the limitations demonstrating and understanding of research design, recommendations should demonstrate original thinking

Note that the paper will also be graded on organization of information, precision of terminology, writing mechanics, and incorporating previous feedback provided by the instructor.

Be sure to use APA style to format your paper. Include a cover page and reference section (NO abstract). Include in-text citations to indicate what information was obtained from the article. You can use this template to help organize your paper


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