Apply the Toulmin Method


The Toulmin Method presents a means to analyze an argument that allows you to look at both the argument being made and the undying assumptions that are being made by the argument. The six parts of the Toulmin Method provide one way of breaking down an argument into its component pieces and allow for you to understand both the argument being made and the unspoken assumptions behind the argument.

This Method further calls for you to analyze the speaker’s response to potential rebuttals to their argument. The Toulmin Method is not a persuasive argument itself but is an analysis of a persuasive argument.

In this essay, you will apply the Toulmin Method to two pieces of popular music which present an argument. You will select one song from the years 1960-1989 and one song from 1990-2014. It is important to consider that persuasive music includes more than just protest, anti-war, and civil rights movement. Consider other forms of persuasive music. I would encourage you to broaden your musical horizons if you are having trouble thinking of songs to pick.

Double spaced&nbsp

This essay will be 5  pages written in 12 point Times New Roman font. The paper will be double spaced and have one inch margins. You will need to have 4-5 credible sources that further your analysis. Your songs will count as two of the sources. You MUST cite the lyrics of your songs in the essay as they form the crux of the arguments that you will be discussing. We will cover how to cite song lyrics in class.

>mla format

MLA Format

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