Applied Writing Hegemony –

Applied Writing Hegemony –

Session 5 Study Guide—Applied Writing on Hegemony (8-10 pages) – Assignment Due End of Week APA

The Applied Writing is the major assignment for this module. The purpose of the Applied Writing is to provide students with an opportunity to integrate knowledge and experience related to human difference with their own ideas and their faith commitment(s). Evaluation of the essay will be based on evidence that you understand and are able to apply the principles and concepts presented during the course, both in the readings and class discussions including appropriate rationale and sources (including endnote citations).

This writing should be a combination of your informed personal opinion AND information (terms, concepts, principles) that we have studied during the course. You must include citations from the readings and/or other sources (from any of the five class sessions) to support your response (cite!). In addition, your essay should employ standpoint theory specifically and support your understanding with clear examples. It is important that you use the terms social location and situated knowledge in a way that demonstrates an in-depth understanding of how these concepts are related to the core issues presented in SOC 358 Human Diversity. Please include specific references to each of your textbooks and cite your sources clearly.

Organize your essay so that your ideas are fully developed and coherent.

This is what your final will look like and the point scale with it.

For your final paper, you are asked to take each of the following categories into consideration: Race/Culture, Gender, Socioeconomic Status-Class, Sexual Orientation, Disability, Age and Religion

For each category, please come up with two ideas: first, how you can personally/professionally do your part in working with this issue in a way that would be productive to society. Second, how society can make a difference in working with this category (what can we do as a collective group to change the patterns that are so in place?). Please use all the readings, movies, class discussions, etc. when framing your answers. Your answer needs to cite course materials and/or professional outside sources for each category. In addition, consider the following:

(1) Using information from the final chapter of Privilege, Power and Difference consider the following questions : What can you do? How can you become part of the solution? How does your faith commitment connect to taking responsibility for the problem and being part of the solution (Your answer should include reference to at least five of the ten Little Risks: Do Something. )

(2) Conclude by explaining how your understanding of hegemony and the matrix of domination supports the contention that “society has in every possible way created the impression that only some are in God’s favor and the others out. By our dress, color, nationality, wealth, age, gender, education, language, looks, and health, others can recognize instantly whether we are blessed or cursed , beloved or rejected. [Walter Wink] Use information from Johnson, Bader-Saye, Ehrenreich and the article by Taylor [Are You Tolerant?] to support your response.

For most of this class, we have talked about the problems that society faces with all of these categories; this last essay is a chance for you to get creative and come up with ideas for helping our world become a better place and being part of the solution! Johnson’s book has ideas in it, but please do not rely on these for your answers (you can use it as a supplement). This writing should combine your personal thoughts with research from the class to back it up (cite the sources).

Remember, this last paper is worth 100 points, so really give it some thought.


Does your applied in-class writing do the following? PTS COMMENTS
All categories discussed in human diversity class areaddressed (6 points):Race/CultureGenderSocioeconomic Status/ClassSexual OrientationDisabilityAgeReligion
Address what you can do personally/professionally in being a part of the solution in working with each category. (28 points-4 per category).
Discuss what society can do as a whole in addressing the inequalities that come with each category. (28 points-4 per category)
Use of course material and/or/ other professional sources in each category backing up thoughts (e.g. books, movies, articles, forums, etc.). Site sources correctly. (28 points-4 per category)
Demonstrate basic understanding of grammar/mechanics. No major spelling/grammar errors. (5 points)
Develop ideas in a clear, straight forward manner; organize your thoughts so they are relatively easy to follow. (5 points).
The following criteria allows the instructor to give extra credit for exemplary work:
Present an original, creative or unusual approach to the topic (between 3 & 5 additional points)

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