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applied psychological analysis –

Other Applications of Applied Behavior Analysis

This week, your Discussion is designed to expand your view of ABA to working with individuals other than those traditionally served by this approach; that is, children and adults who are not diagnosed with ASD or an intellectual disability. To do so, you will need to explore the literature to find other applications of ABA.

To prepare:

  • Review the readings to understand how areas in which others have used ABA principles in diverse disciplines and with diverse populations.
  • Search the Internet and available literature for research on the use of ABA and behavioral techniques with clientele other than those diagnosed with ASD or an intellectual disability
  • Evaluate the utility of the application you identified.
  • Find a journal article that demonstrates an application of ABA to a population other than ASD or ID (e.g., education, behavioral pediatrics safety skills, substance abuse, gerontology, etc.).

Post by Day 3: After reading the article, provide a brief summary of the main points it contains. Explain the results in terms of how this type of application of ABA may be expanded to other uses within the same context. For example, if it was an ABA application to reading, how could the procedure be adapted to benefit students in another academic subject?


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