ANT 202 Human Origins And Prehistory Wk5-L


When accessing the lab materials, be sure continue to add notes in  your Weekly Study Field Notes document for the week, adding any  important information you would like learn. Be sure to give yourself  plenty of time to complete your lab portion of the course and do not  wait until the last day of the week! The interactive lab works best  using Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer as browsers.

To successfully work on the lab, complete the following:

  • Complete the Week 5 Lab (Links to an external site.). Click here if you are having difficulties opening the Weekly Lab.
  • Take notes during the lab by adding on to this week’s field notes.
  • Once you have completed the lab, download the Week 5 Garbology Worksheet.Preview the document
  • Using your textbook and information provided in the lab and taken  from your field notes, answer all of the questions in complete  sentences.
  • Must  be referenced in proper APA format as outlined in the Ashford Writing  Center.

*A transcript of the laboratory videos is available here.Preview the document

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