Answer Each Question


Accident investigation

  1. Describe two characteristics of an effective accident investigation process that you feel are particularly important. Briefly explain your choices (75 words)
  2. How do accident investigations help an organization avoid spending money in the future?        (75 words)
  3. In addition to identifying accident causal factors, what other benefits does an effective accident investigation process provide to a safety and health program? (75 words)
  4. Why is it important to include near misses in the accident investigation process?  (75 words)
  5. Explain the four levels of accidents, providing an example of each. How are the categories different from each other? (200 words)
  6. What steps must an organization take before an accident occurs to ensure it is prepared to conduct an effective accident investigation? (200 words)


Journal (200) words

Identify and discuss an event that has been in the media within the last six months that involves a chemical adversely impacting the health of humans or the environment. What actions (if any) have been taken to reverse the impact? How do you public opinion has influenced how the situation has been addressed?

Test questions (300 words each  question )

  1. Identify and discuss three early toxicologists who made the most significant contributions to the progression of toxicology, and explain why you chose them
  2. Define three common terms used in toxicology. In addition, evaluate how media influence (including social media) may impact present situations in this field.
  3. Differentiate between a toxic chemical, toxic substance, and toxic agent.
  4. Identify a type of epidemiology study that might be used to evaluate a current (within the last 6 months) health concern that has appeared in the news. Provide a short explanation of how the identified study would be set up to evaluate the health issue.

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