Answer a Cyberbullying annotated bibliography and summation, psychology homework help


This assignment comprises two components: (1) a cyberbullying annotated bibliography of resources, and (2) a cyberbullying summation of selected podcasts and/or radio interviews.


Cyberbullying Annotated Bibliography:


1.Research and collect sources for individuals who may have experiential and/or anecdotal knowledge regarding cyberbullying.


2. Refer to the online resource about APA format for annotated bibliographies in the Module 4 Readings.


3. Research and collect a minimum of ten sources.


4. Write a brief description on each source that includes the

  • Target     audience.
  • Availability     and type of information.
  • Source     recommendation.
  • Contact     information: name, phone number, or Website URL.


Cyberbullying Summation


1. Write a summation (1,250-1,500 words) about the information gleaned from the podcasts and radio interviews from the Cyberbullying Research Center.


2. Refer to the Cyberbullying Research Center Web site (see Module 4 Readings).


3. Use/select radio podcast(s) and/or interviews as the foundation for the summation.


4. Include information from interviews (e.g., direct quotes,epiphany moments that may have changed the way you view cyberbullying – its form, methodology, outcomes, and preventative and/or legislative resources).


5. Use the GCU eLibrary databases; include a minimum of two outside references or other sources for evidentiary support, one of which may include the textbook.


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