Annotated Bibliography for Research Paper

Create an Annotated Bibliography on a Research paper about how social media affects a business in an ethical way. This will be how social media affects business in two ways: the business’s social media page and employee’s social media pages. Since social media has become a huge importance in today’s society, businesses need to make sure they have a social media page and post regularly in order to get more business and create a reputation. This also allows them to be rated by customers. Employers also need to be aware of what their employees do on social media, because this may cause an issue with the company’s reputation if they post bad things.

The Annotated Bibliography needs to have 8-10 scholarly references, must be in current APA format, and must have a 100-word description for each scholarly reference (of the reference itself and its contribution to the paper).

(I would like the same tutor to also do the research paper but not till later in the course. When it is time I will invite that tutor directly).