Animal Farm, Write clearly and accurately: your own syntax and diction should be purposeful, assignment help


QUIZ: Timed Writing Quiz (20 mins)

Task: Reread Squealer’s short speech at the end of Part V starting with “’Comrades,” he said, “I trust that every animal here…” and ending with “you do not want Jones back?’” (69-70).

Squealer persuades—manipulates—his audience. Considering his use of language (syntax, diction, rhetorical devices), how does he achieve this manipulation? You will want to consider the terms listed for you in “2.01 Think” as you write as well as any other specific syntax (inversions, sentence types, use of phrases, active voice, etc.) and diction (negative or positive connotations, double-meanings, etc.). Use these specific grammatical/rhetorical terms.

Write a one-paragraph response. You have 20 minutes to write.

Make sure that you have a clear claim that you can back up with cited evidence (“cited” means include the page number) and full warrant. Focus on the language in the book.

Write clearly and accurately: your own syntax and diction should be purposeful.


  • Adhere to MLA formatting.
  • Be sure to present a clear claim that examines the language in relation to the manipulative effect.
  • Have at minimum of 2 pieces of clear evidence that is well-integrated and cited (Orwell #).
  • Warrant each piece of evidence well.
  • Have a concluding sentence.

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