Analyzing Data In A Quantitative Study



Quantitative research design provides an approach to finding scholarly evidence. There are a variety of philosophical considerations, strategies of inquiry, and methods of data collection and analysis based on the study question and the types and numbers of variables. For example, having one or more dependent and/or independent variables is what prescribes the statistical tests needed to answer the study question(s). It is important for nurse researchers, leaders, educators, and practitioners to know how to select the correct statistical analysis for a study.

Upon successful completion of this assignment you should be able to: Select a data analysis method / tests appropriate for a potential research study. Expound on interpretation of data for a quantitative study. Resources Textbook: Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Method Approaches (2018), Chapters 7, 8 PowerPoint: Chapter 7 Questions and Hypotheses File: Chapter 7 Questions and Hypotheses, Notes PowerPoint: Chapter 8 Quantitative Methods File: Chapter 8 Quantitative Methods, Notes Textbook: Practical Research: Planning and Design (2016), Chapters 4, 8

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