Adult hood ages 20 and up


This paper provides a structured way of using observational skills to recognize physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development of people in given stages of life. For the second observation paper students will observe a person in the adulthood stages of life. Additionally, students will think critically about two or more actions that could be taken to help that person develop in a positive manner.

Title Page (1 page)
This page quickly provides the reader with important about the author and topic of the paper
For more details about the format of this page, see the Step 3 documents
Body of the paper (3-4 pages)
The page following your title page should begin with the title of your paper, centered, at the top of the page
As you begin each section below, use level 1 headings (headings that are bolded, centered with upper and lower case (also called title case) to delineate each section
Remember to provide in-text citations in the body of the paper whenever you quote or paraphrase information from your textbook. For details about how to do this, see the Step 3 documents.
You are not allowed to have more than 25% of your paper consist of direct quotes. This encourages you to paraphrase the material; that is, put the information into your own words.
Since this is an observation paper, you may write in first person when answering the personal questions/prompts below
First section: Introduction paragraph
o In this section you introduce the reader to your topic
o Provide the reader with a description of the person you observed or interviewed. If only observations were made, also include a brief description of the place(s) where the person was observed.
o Why did you choose to study someone in this particular stage of life? Does it have any personal meaning to you?
o Note that the introduction is the only section that does not need a heading. The logic behind this is that the beginning of any APA-style paper should be an introduction.

Second Section: Observations
o Describe some of the observation that you made and how it confirms or is in disagreement with information, theories, and research presented in our textbook for the stage of life that matches the age of the person you observed. Be sure to include 2-3 examples of physical development, 2-3 examples of cognitive development, and 2-3 examples of psychosocial development in your essay. Each example shall be referenced to specific information in the textbook. Students will discuss a total of 7 examples.
Third Section: Analysis and Conclusion
o In this section students will think critically about two or more actions that could be taken to help that person develop in a positive manner. These actions must be based on information from the textbook or another academically-based source.
o What was the most important point you learned from this experience?
o Conclude by briefly drawing together the main points of the paper and provide concluding remarks to the reader (Which could include the answer to the question posed in the previous bullet point).
Reference page (1 page)
This is the section that gives details about the source of your academic information, in this case your textbook. You may use additional academically-based sources in your paper, and they must also be cited and referenced. There are two reasons why psychologists include this information. First and foremost, psychologists always give credit to the work that is done by their colleagues. Another reason is that it allows the reader to find the information if they desire to read more about it.
For more details about the format of this page (which is APA style), see the Step 3 documents

Needs to have a reference page

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