Adobe Illustrator cc 2014 assignments – POLITICAL POSTER (By Wed 11 Dec 2014))


Adobe Illustrator cc 2014 assignments – POLITICAL POSTER (By Wed 11 Dec 2014)).

1) Scan a photographic image (at 300dpi) of a current political figure or someone of strong political conviction…someone of interest to you for any reason.

2) Do some photo manipulation of your scanned image in Photoshop, things such as altering color levels, cropping, any number of things to make the image more interesting.

Background layer

3) Create a new document in Illustrator and place your photographic image in the background layer. Again, when you place this image into your Illustrator doc, remember to Link the file, don’t embed it.

4) Create a new layer and explore ways to draw and paint using what you learned to ‘posterize’ parts of your work by using the Live Trace tool and any other tools you would like. You are creating a final image that still contains visible portions of the photographic image that you placed and also contains interesting vector-work in Illustrator so don’t cover the entire photographic image.

Save this as a .ai in your project directory as you work.

Catch phrases

5) Next, create another new layer on top of all other layers. Title this layer ‘text’. Add text to your image on this layer. Stay away from using slogans or catch phrases. Instead, try to use text that is specific to you and your ideas alone in relation to the particular political figure.

6) Just as we talked about in unit 1, it is important to make your text an interesting, cohesive part of the artistic work. You might feel like working in a direction that takes a sort of ‘design’ approach and tries to lead or direct the viewer to something isolated and very specific or you might create something that leaves more room for the viewer to make their own connections or decisions and find how the work relates to them.

7) Again, when utilizing text, some things to consider in order to help it become interesting are things such as transparency and altering the shapes and forms of the letters themselves.

8) Once you’ve finished your piece, save the final version as a .ai in you directory folder then save a .jpg at a resolution of no more than 150. DO NOT zip and upload your entire root project directory. Only submit your ,jpg. 

Need all files by wednesday.

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