ACG6475 FIU Differences Between COBIT and ISO 27000 Research Essay

In 500 words or less, explain the most important differences between COBIT and the ISO 27000 series in relation to information security.

Some rules for this assignment:

1. Write everything in your own words. Don’t use any quotes.
2. The 500 words doesn’t include your bibliography. Use your writing course guidelines for preparing your bibliography.
3. Do not include a title page, cover page, or abstract.
4. Single space, 10-point font.
5. Do not use any graphics.
6. Do not exceed 500 words. There is a 20-point penalty for exceeding 500 words. (Your bibliography is not included in the 500-word limit.)
7. Make sure you clearly identify and explain at least 3 important differences.

Please study the assignment question very carefully and make sure your essay covers the descibed assignment. One of the most common errors with essay questions is to fail to cover cover the assigned topic..

This is a research assignment. Please use the text and the web as your sources.