A powerful city court magistrate engages in a number of questionable activities while on duty. A list of some of the activities includes the following: •Borrowing money from court employees •Publicly endorsing and campaigning for a candidate for judicial office •Conducting personal business from the court chambers •Directing other business court employees to perform personal errands for him during court hours •Shutting court down early to prevent defendant from filing pleadings in an ongoing case •Taking kickbacks from private juvenile detention facilities for locking more juveniles up on questionable charges •Banning one of the defense attorneys in a case from speaking during the trial •Jailing an entire courtroom because a cellphone went off during a proceeding, and no one came forward to accept responsibility •Suggesting to persons appearing before him to contribute to certain charities in lieu of paying fines •Using court employees to perform translating services for his mother’s day care business Assignment Guidelines •In 1,000–1,250 words, address the following: â—¦Which, if any, of these activities would be considered unethical? Why? â—¦Which of these activities, if any, would be considered ethical and acceptable? Why? â—¾Be sure to use any research or examples to support your arguments. â—¾Also be sure to address each of the above activities and explain whether or not you feel each is ethical or unethical. â—¦Taken together, would these actions warrant the judge’s being disciplined? Would it warrant the judge’s removal from office? Why or why not? •Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.