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I have a paper. It is on the book Confronting the Veil by Jonathon Scott Holloway. Instructions: The objective of your essay will be to develop an analysis around the impact, relevance, and continued importance of one or more ideas (concepts) advanced in each text. This review should consist of an 1) introduction of your essay, inclusive of a coherent thesis statement, followed by 2) a summary and reconstruction of the author’s use of the concept you are reviewing and analyzing, 3) a series of paragraphs that discuss its impact and relevance within the context of outside scholarship and world events, and 4) a conclusion which outlines implications for further research. You will be judged on your ability to construct a thesis and your ability to support that argument. For example, you may want to argue that one of the texts, in that it shows that racial oppression was a factor in academia in the 1940s, helps us better understand the impact of race today. Whatever idea you choose to focus upon, you must first show that it is garnered from the text, by reconstructing the author’s presentation of it, and then using outside sources, provide support for your contentions. I expect no less than five additional sources (books, scholarly articles, and magazine/newspaper articles will be given the highest weight) for these essays. The essays should be 8-10 pages in length.

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