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There are five different communication strategies that one can take when trying to communicate a potential change, spray and pray, tell and sell, underscore and explore, identify and reply, and withhold and uphold. (Palmer, 2017, pg 226). The method that I would use to communicate the change would be the withhold and uphold. The reason that I would use this method is because it consists of withholding the information until it is absolutely necessary for the employees to know about it.  The staff may feel some type of way about the change because of the last minute communication, but at the same time if they see the value in the communication and the change then they will understand why we had to withhold the information.  Employees always want to be a part of the change process, but there are times when withhold and uphold are the best way to communicate. Especially if a situation arises that is extremely confidential for the business and nothing can be leaked or there may be legal review. I just went through an acquisition with a business and they were doing this method because of the legal action that might be taken if things were communicated to soon.  Things worked smoothly for this organization as they utilized this method, but one thing I realized is that they also used a variety of different communication strategies for other changes in the business.

Palmer, I., Dunford, R., & Buchanan, D. (2017). Managing organizational change: A multiple perspectives approach (3rd ed.). Retrieved from https://redshelf.com/

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As a liaison between the decision makers and the followers, it is my role to communicate potential personnel change initiatives, with the help if communication strategies.  I can implement the following actions.

First action is to define the communication goal, such communication goals should be measurable ones and a time frame presented as well.  The goal could be like communication potential personnel change initiatives, generating employee interest, generating more awareness related to a particular communication.

The next action is about defining the target market or audience.  This would be where the impacted group(s) are identified, who the decision makers would be, who the followers are, etc.

The next action is about preparing the communication management plan, this plan will depict about how the defined communication goal would be achieved.  Details around the schedule plan, responsibilities to be fulfilled (time frame and by whom).

The last action would be defining communication channels, such as third party sites like Slack, GroupMe.  Or other means like conference calls, interoffice emails, press conferences, webinars, etc.

It is necessary to know about various communication noises and barriers, as applicable for the current system, taking all such actions will help us to format the conversation with employees regarding the restructuring process.  By keeping the followers top of mind, will also aid in ensuring change is met with good spirits.

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