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In this article, it talks about how a large construction chemical business was trying to create more revenue. The revenue was currently drifting and they were plummeting in sales. They wanted to do this by implemented a facilitated work shop into the organization, with this the questions arose of whether or not it would pay off and if they would even get any buy in from the teams. The article does not really talk about what happens with the organization, but instead shifts its focus on how to facilitate the change and how to implement the change they were looking for. An organization must be able to pivot their ideals with their vision statement. The vision statement is what the organization is going to live by. So, for this organization it was trying to bring in more revenue, so creating a vision statement that is all about customers and trying to make them happy would be most beneficial for this organization. At the same time,  the organization still had a focus on their revenue and ways to implement this. So, then I would use the facilitation skills and host meetings to try and get everybody on board and think of ways that the organization can focus on the customer and at the same time be able to drive revenue.

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I have chosen to write about Ford Motor Company. The article discusses Ford’s plan to develop and produce driverless by the year 2021, which is surprisingly right around the corner. According to Fields, “this is one example of how we’re thinking about expanding our business into mobility more broadly. Taking the driver out of the equation improves the economics for us as well as consumers” (Marco, 2016, para. 3).

Shopping for a car is usually not a favorite activity for most people, however, I have been researching getting a new car. Ford just happened to be one of the companies that my family stood behind. I believe Ford’s vision statement, also known as their aspiration or mission statement, is aligned with their change initiative which accounts for gaining the trust of the public and in the quality of vehicles they produce. According to Ford (2020), “to become the world’s most trusted company, designing smart vehicles for a smart world” (About Us – Our Aspiration).

Ford is focusing on improving the lives of its shareholders, their car shopping experience, being a Ford automotive owner, and makes Ford a leading competitor in the automotive industry. I believe that companies like Ford draft vision statements to provide a vision of where they would like to be as a company as they move into the future. Their vision is a plan to guide them towards a common goal that undertakes a change initiative. With Ford’s driverless car concept and vision, they are preparing themselves for the future and ensuring they stay competitive in the automotive industry. Innovation keeps businesses evolving and thriving and Ford has been doing an excellent job of keeping up. Taking into consideration where the automotive industry began and where it is in today’s business world, it will be interesting to see where the future will take it.


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