500 word essay MLA format – myassignmentgeek.net


500 word essay MLA format – myassignmentgeek.net

Essay #1: Initial Persuasive Writing Essay

No plagiarism as everything is submitted through Turnitin. This for an Advanced Composition class. Grammar, structure, etc. is very important.

Prompt: What is one organization, currently active today, that deserves more attention for the work they are doing to help make their community, country or our planet better? Why? This organization does not need to be famous, many great organizations who do incredible things for others never see fame. What you are going to do for this assignment is create an argument using logos (logic, facts, information), pathos (emotion, feelings, empathy, sympathy, etc) and ethos (ethics, the debate between right and wrong) to prove that this organization deserves your audience’s attention. Note that your audience is your instructor and your classmates.

Essay Length: 500 Words in MLA Format

Works Cited: At least 3 sources in an MLA Works Cited Page


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