50 Word Reply each to part 1&2 non plagiarism


50 Word Reply each to part 1&2 non plagiarism.


I decided to pick infancy because that’s the best stage to me with my daughter even though I enjoy every part of her life. In the infancy stage the infant is unable to speak or speechless.They have not yet learned how to talk but can listen to voices, they also smile and show pleasure in social stimulation.

Infants do crying as their way of speaking to tell you what they want or need. They need lots of attention for their social development to be good. Different cultures provide different child rearing environments and obtain different behavioral outcomes. Infants are going to be attached to their parents or caregivers at this time because they can’t do for them shelves yet so as the parents or caregiver it’s your job t do it.

They need lots of attention which is apart of them being attached. There really ain’t no certain parenting style for infants but giving them love and affection, you can’t discipline a infant they cry because they want or need something. As an infant you don’t know anything about anything so your gender development do not matter at this stage.

Infants don’t grow much physically in the first year or two but mentally they grow a lot. Everyday when the interact and learn about their environment they are creating new connections to their environment. I chose this development because this stage of development because it is significant to a lot of people who are new parents and it very important to know the stages in development.

>part 2/ lat

PART 2/ Lat

The impact that Matt or anybody else that has an addiction is always hurting themselves and family. The most impacted people he hurt was his kids and wife because he is no longer here to help them with time and finances. He tried AA programs and failed so that showed his family that he didn’t want to change.

 He also hurts society by driving drunk he could have killed someone (Henslin, 2013). The kids might need consulting to deal with the loss. This topic is very known to my family because I also had a uncle to died do to alcohol addiction. He fell off a truck at work and broke his foot.

The foot never healed because he stayed on it and he drunk a lot. Drinking and taking medication don’t mix. His foot was always infected and at the end it was his kidney that fell. I believe that people are selfish and only think about what they want.

Show users early

 What I see as a successful policies is Drug Education. If we teach or show users early what kind of affect it has on there health or family it should change there minds. We should make sure addicts get in the right program to fix what problem they are having. Try counseling people before they start using is a good way to prevent.

  I often see half way houses in areas where a lot of drug traffic is and probably wont help an drug abuser. I know people have a bad days at work and they say oh I need a drink to clam me down. Instead of the drink maybe they can  trying working out to clam down. What I think is unsuccessful is banning advertising on alcohol or cigarettes.

They going to continue use it or buy it without seeing it on TV or billboards (Henslin, 2013). Just like kids that want Jordan’s every time they come but you don’t see any commercials for them.  Human services professionals can make sure they get education on the addiction, treatment, love, and placed in the right program to help them.

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