5 Questions, 10 sentences each


5 Questions, 10 sentences each.


Read the case study attached to the email and answer the questions in short essay format (about 10 sentences each).

End results

1. What prompted the development of the Minitel? Were the end results of the Minitel distribution (the activity on the network at its peak in 1996) in-line with the original goal for the development of the system?  

2. Why was messaging developed on the Minitel? Was this part of the original design? What impact did this have on the development of E-Commerce on the Minitel?

Innovations impact commerce

3. What innovations did the Minitel provide? How did these innovations impact commerce?

4. Is there evidence of the network effect in the development of E-Commerce on the Minitel?

5. Identify the elements of the Minitel ecosystem: the gatekeeper, the participants, the rules/protocols.

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