5 pages essay 072- myassignmentgeek.net

5 pages essay 072- myassignmentgeek.net

You are welcome to develop your own topic for this last essay, but I have suggested some possibilities below to get you started. You may choose to develop a comparison/contrast between two texts from the semester, but at least one of them must be: Salih, Coetzee and/or Linmark.

The final essay should be 5-6 pages in length and focus on developing your analysis through close readings. As always, I am happy to meet with you to discuss your topic and thesis statements, or to offer comments over email. Please reach out at any stage of your thinking and writing!

You will also prepare a short presentation to share your essay with the class. This will be a substitution for the presentation that was scheduled during our final exam period. You may choose to create either a short video or audio recording (around 3-4 minutes) that will be shared in our course google drive. Your presentation is also due on May 11 at 3:30 and should include: 1) a discussion of your thesis 2) an example from your analysis that supports your thesis 3) reflections on how your reading of the text connects to our course themes and conversations throughout this semester.

Season of Migration to the North

1. “…my bedroom was a spring-well of sorrow, the germ of a fatal disease. The infection has stricken these women a thousand years ago, but I had stirred up the latent depth of the disease until it had got out of control and killed.” (30). How do you interpret the symbolism of infection and disease in this passage and its development throughout the novel? How is the disease connected to themes of colonialism and sexuality?

2. Compare and contrast the different forms and acts of violence in the novel. What connections does the text draw between colonial violence and sexual/gendered violence?


3. What is the significance of the contrast between the two acts of sexual violence in the novel? How does the novel treat the myth of the black peril?

4. Explore Lucy’s response to her sexual and physical assault. Why do you think Lucy chooses to remain on the farm? How do you interpret her decision not to report? How does Lucy negotiate her position in relation to apartheid pasts and presents?

5. The novel draws many parallels between David and the men who rape Lucy—for example, they are all “dog-killers” and voyeurs. How do you understand the significance of this parallel? How does the novel explore the relationship between race and sexual violence?

Rolling the Rs

6. Explore the role of American media and popular culture in this text. How does the text’s treatment of mass consumer culture relate to the “stream-roller” narrative of globalization?

7. How do the queer youth at the center of this text analyze and resist the colonial and racial hierarchies that shape their lives?

8. How are histories of colonialism and immigration in Hawai’i addressed by this text? How do the youth challenge and resist the construction of Hawai’i in the American imagination—namely, Hawai’i as a tourist paradise?

By interpreting the author’s choice of text, discuss the class topic: gender and sexuality during post-colonial era. Pls give me an outline of the essay, because we are required to make a audio presentation. I attached two synthesis of our class discussion regarding two books. Feel free to use the ideas in the synthesis. Thank you

and u will need to use Disgrace by J.M.Coetzee