5 Page Ethics Paper jsb


5 Page Ethics Paper jsb.

Topic: Ethics in the Workplace

I need a five page research paper tomorrow by 5:00 p.m central time please. It is APA format double spaced 12 pt. font. I am good with a definite B. The only thing is I have to use these 5 sources for the information



Annotated Bibliography



Goldman, S. M. (2008). In any workplace: Ethics must thrive to build credible brands. PublicRelationsTactics, 15(9), 18.

The article discusses employers’ rights to expect employees to protect company-owned and proprietary information and materials after employees leave their employer.  The article explains how employers generally seek protection by utilizing agreements with their employees.  Generally, these agreements consist of one or more of the following three types of agreements:  non-compete clauses designed to prevent employees from working for competitors, non-solicitation clauses prohibiting employees from pitching services to a company’s clients after leaving that company, or non-disclosure agreements restricting employees and agencies from disclosing and using proprietary information.

  The details of these three clauses are discussed in the article.

Millage, A. (2012). ETHICS AND THE WORKPLACE. Internal Auditor, 69(6), 7. Vvvva

The article discusses the Ethics Resource Center’s (ERC) report and results from the National Business Ethics Survey of Fortune 500 Employees.  The report details the most common forms of ethical misconduct in organizations, the engagement by employees in companies with a weak ethical culture, and the engagement by employees in companies with a strong ethical culture.

The article discusses the most common forms of misconduct in organizations, and also goes on to explain how sensitive the topic of ethics is, and how it is, especially when assessing the actions of top executives.  The results of the ERC’s report and survey are provided and discussed.

Petti Jr., J. D. (Summer90). Journal of Business Communications Vol. 27, Issue 3 , 223-249.

Model providing ethical decision-making concepts

The article dicusses the role that communication plays in the ethical behavior of managers.  The author has developed a model providing ethical decision-making concepts.  The dilemma faced by managers between their own personal ethics and the pressures of employers is examined. Lastly, the author proposes effective communication as the solution to incorporate ethical behaviors within the organization.

Verschoor, Curtis C. Strategic Finance. Jan2008, Vol. 89 Issue 7, p15-16. 2p.

  The article, utilizing the results of the 2007 National Business Ethics Survey (NBES), details that little, if any, reduction in unethical behavior in U.S. companies has occurred over the last two years.  The lack of increase in “personal courage” is discussed.  Specifically personal ethical lapses other than organizational ethical violations are examined.

The article explains a number of employees were unaware of mechanisms for reporting unethical behaviors.  The author discusses how companies with strong ethics cultures can dramatically reduce ethics risks.

Sekerka, Leslie E.; Bagozzi, Richard P. Business Ethics: A European Review. Apr2007, Vol. 16 Issue 2, p132-149. 18p. 2 Diagrams. DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-8608.2007.00484.x.

Conscious decision-making process

  This article discusses the desire and decision to act with  “moral courage” when faced with an ethical challenge in the workplace.  The author presents a path model to illustrate the conscious decision-making process.  The article elaborates on the role of emotions in practicing ethical behavior.

It examines the individual’s perception of their ability to control or have influence when faced with an ethical dilemma.  The author identifies two aspects of social behavior (norms), in relation to moral courage in the work environment.  The article goes on to explain that the desire to act courageously manifests in two different ways: reasoning and deliberation.

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