41) Strategic Management 3

Selected Company: Singtel

as the chosen company, the analysis should be based only on one of the company’s business units, e.g. one of the consumer services (either mobile, internet or cable tv).


The report structure can be as follows:


1) Introduction (around 200 words)

– company background (information may be obtained via company’s website, annual reports, SGX, etc)

– identify one strategic business unit (SBU) and clearly indicate the chosen SBU for the subsequent analysis


2) Macro-environment analysis using PESTEL framework (around 100 words for each factor).

– identify factual info on each factor

– relate how that factor would impact the company

– draw conclusion from the analysis, i.e. what are the opportunities or threats.


3) Industry and competitive analysis using Porter’s Five Forces model (around 100 words for each factor)

– brief intro about the Porter’s model

– to give rating (either High or Low) for each factor in the sub-title

– to draw personal perspectives to justify the ratings, i.e. whether is it a threat or opportunity to the company


4) Internal analysis (around 600 words)

– only required to identify the company’s core competencies based on the four criterias covered in class: valuable; rare; costly to imitate; non-substitutable.


5) Identify and briefly discuss the contents of the business strategy, and explain how the strategy has been identified.


6) Evaluate the suitability of the strategy identified.


7) Provide recommendations (only if the strategy is identified to be inappropriate).


8) Conclusion.



Parts 5 and 6 are the key components as they can be subjective and marks are given based on how strong the arguments are. 


3000 words (+/-10%)

minimum of 10 references, with Harvard in-text citations included in the report wherever appropriate.