4 Page Paper Needed ASAP


Here are a few suggestions for your Research Assignment #2.  You are welcome to come up with your own idea for a paper (just let me approve it).  Focus on some aspect of language and organize a paper in which you incorporate information from at least five external sources (you may use our text as one).  Sources should be found using the library databases, not google. The paper will be graded on these criteria:

  You effectively organize your ideas around a clear thesis statement.

  Your voice dominates in the paper.  (“I” may be appropriate, for example, in #7.)

  You make clear in the text of your paper where you use each of your external sources.

  You list the sources you use in the Works Cited, conscientiously following MLA style.

  You have a minimum of four pages.

  You have a minimum of five reputable sources located through the library databases.

  You have few mechanical or grammatical errors.

This is the topic is choose. 

  1. Girl vs. Guy Talk:  Discuss language differences between males and females.

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