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I picked adolescence as the most significant period of time in my life. The reason being, it was the hardest and most confusing time for me. Psychologically, my brain is still developing which I also learned from chapter 4, that during this stage, heavy drinking most likely slowed my brain development(Beckman, 2004; Crews et al.

, 2007). Where socially I was trying to find my “place.” Who was I? I remember entering puberty, and high school, and being completely terrified of what other’s thought of me. I had a sense of self, but my environment would often change who I was. Fitting in, that was the hardest part of all. From a cultural standpoint, somehow the brand of my clothing determined if I was “cool” or not.

I think being female also plays it role. Looking at the gender development in chapter 5, it explains that girls are more likely to experience depression and anxiety (Myers, D. 2014). I exhibited signs of depression at a very young age, which I believe become intensified in adolescence. This is when I turned to alcohol as a form of self- medication.

As I continue to age, I can see how moments in my adolescence affect me to this day. I do feel as though I had a harder time developing psychologically due to substance abuse. My behavior has been altered since becoming sober, and I feel like I need constant approval from my parent’s, still, at the age of 28.

Almost like asking them if it is alright if my husband and I go to a movie, for example. I am able to make decisions for myself without asking for permission, but I do not feel that way at times. Insecurity has followed me since my adolescence, and after reading these chapter’s it has showed me why.


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