hi, i need u to write me a proposal for my senior project 2. in my senior project 1 i did a research on virtual reality in general, and now for my senior project 2 i am doing a survey paper on virtual reality especially for PS4.

i am gonna attach old work in case u need them: the proposal and the final research.

also i am going to attach the research information sheet and the comments he gave me for senior project 2.

this is a template the professor posted on blackboard:



State the Problem (Abstract): Problem to solve including project goals.

Literature review (Introduction): What have been done in the past?

Aims and Solving Strategy (Planning): How do you solve this problem?

Expected Outcomes: What you can get? And time line.

References: (Papers you have cited in your proposal)

When preparing doing a research you need to state a problem to solve. In the beginning, you are asked to choose three possible things you like to do research with. This is called the research area, aspect, or topic. Then you are asked to find some research papers related to one of the research topics.

A research proposal is to provide details for the research you are going to complete. It is not necessary you write each step how you do. But you need to give some descriptions to the following information:

Literature review: such as background information. What is already known or unknown? (Set the scene.)

Aims and Solving Strategy: You can restate your problem here. What do you want to know, prove, demonstrate, analyze, test, investigate or examine? List your project aims in a logical sequence.

Expected Outcomes: How do you anticipate you will achieve these aims? Expected outcomes, significance or rationale Why is it important? What do you expect it will deliver?

You can also add why the project is important. Highlight the benefits, positive expected outcomes or innovative applications of knowledge. Timetable