3 Page Paper, with specific instructions


3 Page Paper, with specific instructions.

teacher wants everything from the book.  “Voices of Wisdom” a multicultural philosophy reader.  Author is Gary E. Kessler.  Anyway this can be done? 

Three pages approximately; font 12 double spaced

The metaphysicians we have studied each have their own unique main tenet for explaining the answer to the question “What am I?”

Distinct types

For Descartes, it was: “I think therefore I am,” which entailed two distinct types of fundamental existence – that of body and that of mind – interacting with each other.

For Sartre, it was “existence precedes essence,” which entailed the dissolution of any human essentialities (like a non-spatiotemporal God or ‘mind’).

Actual text

Provide an analysis of one of these tenets.  Do not use any outside sources.  DO use quotes from the actual text which you are analyzing.  Explain it as though your reader has no acquaintance with the text or the philosopher who wrote it. Do not write in stream of consciousness.  Follow the guidelines on Blackboard.  

Write it as though you are trying to teach your reader how to understand the philosopher.


  • Introduction 
    • Setting: 
      • What is the issue you intend to discuss?
      • What area of philosophy are you discussing? (Ethics? Metaphysics?)
      • Who and what are you going to write about?
    • Thesis:
      • What is YOUR stand on the issue?
      • What is your REASON for that opinion?
      • In general, how do you intend to support that opinion?
    • Thesis Support:
      • The plan for the rest of the paper;
      • Specific points you will discuss;
      • How your sources fit into your discussion.
NOTE:A good way to organize your essay is to figure out how many specific points you are going to use to support your thesis (1-3 is appropriate), mention those specific points in the introduction, then devote one paragraph to each point in the body of the paper.

  • Body of the Essay 
    • Each paragraph should be an explanation of ONE of your thesis support points from your introduction;
    • Each paragraph should include citations if you are quoting, mentioning, paraphrasing, or in any way using an idea or verbiage from an outside source;
    • Each paragraph should itself be organized, with the first sentence indicating what the rest of the paragraph is about;
    • Each paragraph should indicate how the point of that paragraph relates to the central issue.
  • Conclusion of the Essay
    • Summary of the essay;
    • Reiteration of your thesis;
    • Reminder of your main points and support.
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