3 Page Paper Needed ASAP


3 Page Paper Needed ASAP.

ONE 2 – 4 page essay. You will respond to 2 of the questions below. The final is due MONDAY DECEMBER 15TH at 11:00 A.M. Your responses must be typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, and stapled. Be sure to bring a PRINTED COPY of your final. 

Choose ONEof the following:

Complex categories

1. Gender is one of the most complex categories in our society. Each of the theorists we have read on gender have their own take on how race plays a role in our society. Choose any of the following works and discuss how they argue the role that gender plays in our society. What do they see as problematic? What solution do they suggest (and if not directly suggested, what do they infer)?

– Carol Tavris: “PMS & the Biological Flaws of Womanhood”


– Jackson  Katz: “Macho Paradox”

– Sharon Hays: “Fostering Personal Responsibility Among Women On Welfare”

– Yen Le Espiritu: Ideological Racism & Cultural Resistance

2. Inequality becomes increasingly complex when discussing race and gender and, more specifically, the impact of race and gender on inequality. Each of the theorists we have read on inequality offer a unique perspective on the impact of race and gender. Choose any of the following works and discuss what role race AND gender play when crime is involved.

– Jeffrey Reiman: “The Crimes That Come To Mind”

– Mike Elk and Bob Sloan:  “The Hidden History of ALEC and Prison Labor”

Derrick jackson

– Derrick Jackson: “The Problem with Welfare as We Know It”

– Martin Gilens: “Black & Undeserving: Exposing Myths about America’s Poor”

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